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All You Want To Know About Dust Mite Allergy

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Of the multiple components of house dust to which people show allergic reactions, the most offensive is perhaps the house dust mite. Basically, the house dust mite is a microscopic creature related to the tick family and they are present almost everywhere in the world. Wherever people inhabit, house dust mites find a way there. To learn more about dust mite allergy and dust mites in general, this article is a compilation of everything you might wish to know if you are being a victim of dust mite allergy so read on.

The occurrence of dust mite allergy

The human body is a remarkable machine and it is equipped to fight against things such as viruses as well as bacteria. In general, the immune system of the body fights against anything and everything that shows the potential to bring harm to the way the different organs in the body function. Allergens such as pollen grains, dust mites as well as mold are harmless substances and yet many times the immune system mistakes them for potentially harmful components. This triggers a response from the immune system and the body releases histamine along with other unnecessary chemicals causing the body to experience an allergic reaction. In general, an allergic reaction may cause swelling, sneezing or even asthma but it will hardly cause serious medical conditions. It is not clear why people are so vulnerable to dust mite allergy but a brief explanation is given below.

Dust mite allergy and the rationale of the event

Dust mite allergy can be caused by a number of things such as decomposing animal parts as well as fecal pellets of dust mites. In homes, high concentrations of dust mite allergy causative agents may be found in mattresses, in bed linens as well as in upholstered furniture. Dust mites, as you most probably already know, reproduce relatively quick and a new generation tends to evolve every few weeks at the most. This is perhaps why dust mite allergy is so acute in many people. To prevent dust mite allergy, there are a number of things you can choose to do. For starters, you might want to vacuum your home more often than you do under normal circumstances. If you suspect you are suffering from dust mite allergy, you might also want to take special care with your bedding. Change your bed linens often, if not everyday. Do not just make do with tapping your sheets with your hand hoping the dust mites will go away. In fact, the only thing you will achieve if you do this is spreading the dust mites more extensively not to mention that you will end up breathing in the suspended dust mite particles and this will trigger your dust mite allergy reaction.

Dust Mite Control At Home

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Did you know?

1. During an infestation, dust mites can invade your pillow by the millions

2. Dust mites are known to feed on the dead skin and hair of homeowners

3. Dust mites are the major causative agents of asthma and allergies

4. 10% of Americans exhibit allergic sensitivity to dust mites

5. Dust mites are most active in fall and in winter

Before you attempt to understand dust mite control, you should perhaps make sense of what dust mites are in the first place. Basically, dust mites are microscopic bugs that live off dead skin cells, either those that fall off your body or that of your pet. Gross but unfortunately true. If you look at the whole matter from a neutral point of view, dust mites are not that harmful. In fact, you will hardly be bothered by them unless you happen to be asthmatic or if you have a few allergies and that kind of thing. Because skin cells and scales are most abundant on pillows and other longing areas, dust mites are known to be most active in these venues so more than anything, dust mite control becomes essential at some point or another because these small pests are just plain disgusting.

To give you typical values, a mattress can contain as much as 10,000 dust mites. If that’s not enough for you to consider some serious dust mite control then how about this? One square yard of a carpet can contain approximately a 100,000 mites. On a separate note, a single dust mite can produce no less than 20 waste droppings a day, the rest is just math and pretty simple math at that. Dust mite control is an absolutely essential practice and unless you are really not bothered about hygiene and that kind of thing, you would find some spare time for dust mite control at the very least every 6 months.

Perhaps the most effective dust mites treatment measure is to actually get yourself what is called a mattress cover, normally a plastic cover or more like a dust mite mattress cover. Ideally, you would need to thoroughly vacuum your mattress and your pillows and then cover them all with an appropriate dust mite cover you can easily find online. You might also want to wash your sheets, your pillow cases and your clothes in exceptionally hot water at the very least every fortnight. On a separate note, if you are one of those people who travel a lot, you need to make sure you always book yourself into hygienic hotels. Take your dust mite mattress cover everywhere you go and as far as possible, carry a transportable pillow.

Last but not least, you might want to note that so far it hasn’t been that easy to develop chemicals to actually control dust mite infestation. As such chemical dust mite control is a bit elusive. The things you need to look for when choosing a dust mite control product is an ingredient called benzyl benzoate or maybe tannic acid.

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